About us

We Work for the Planet

Climate and Environment Association Europe (CERA Europe ASBL) is a Brussels-based non-governmental organization operating on a European scale to tackle environmental issues and the climate crisis that our planet is exposed to.

Today, our Earth is in danger of climate change and environmental degradation. To overcome these challenges is possible with the joint efforts of different actors from different sectors. For this reason, cooperation is needed in different fields from the private sector to public institutions, from civil society to academia for a safe and sustainable planet. The steps and the actions must take into account not only the human being, but also the nature in which the individual lives. Because everything in life is connected to each other by invisible threads. A change in one thread impacts the entire network. The steps we take affect what we do to the web of life as well as what we do to ourselves.

From this point of view, CERA Europe aims to prevent climate crisis, environmental pollution and habitat loss, to support efforts to protect ecosystems, to work on food safety and agricultural sustainability in an impartial and non-profit manner. In the face of these problems, CERA Europe carries out projects, research and training and develops local, national and international collaborations in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and EU Green DEAL targets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the efforts to combat the climate crisis and environmental problems that our planet is exposed to and to take action for change. We believe that the way to achieve this is to take action together by establishing corporate partnerships.

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We are willing to cooperate and take action together for the planet.