Work areas

It is a fact that we are facing an environmental crisis. To prevent environmental emergencies, we support the efforts on climate change, healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, sustainable food and circular economy. We strive for healthy environments and a fair future for all living beings.
Climate crisis

The climate crisis is happening on a global scale right now. The devastating effects of the climate crisis are increasing day by day. We support EU climate efforts for the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius according to the Paris Agreement. We are taking action by developing solutions, projects, and cooperation to combat climate change.

Environmental Protection

What we do has an impact on the planet. Countries use the planet’s resources for development in an unsustainable way and individuals consume more than their needs in their daily lives. We conduct awareness activities, carry out training and develop projects to reduce our ecological footprint, encourage nature-friendly practices and live in a healthy environment.

Ecosystem and Biodiversity

The rich ecosystem and biodiversity make life on earth possible. Our basic needs such as fresh air, clean water, healthy food and shelter are directly linked to ecosystems and biodiversity. We need healthy ecosystems not only for our basic needs, but also to combat the climate crisis. We produce projects to protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity, and carry out training and awareness activities.